Myoung Studio & Artists

Myoung's 20th anniversary 
Charity Group Exhibition

2022.12.15 – 2022.12.29

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Masterpiece (明作); Myoung and Artist

Myungstudio and Colast, an end-of-year exhibition planned by the two perspectives of the artist

 < Masterpiece (明作); Myoung and Artist > is a December 'year-end charity exhibition' planned to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 'Myung Studio', the end of 2022 after a long journey of 20 years that started under the name 'JM Studio' in 2004.

I express my gratitude to Myeong Studio and the participating artists for accompanying me. Please bring warmth to the December year-end exhibition planned by Collast.


Kang Yeshin l Shumu l Jinyoung l 08AM l Lee Kyunghoon l Hwang Hyeyoung l INAE l Hong Soonyong l Heo Bori l Jamsan l Kang Jiman l Kim Deulnae l Kuk Dongwan l Do Hyunji l Shin Hyesun l Kim Hojung l Lee Mihye l Joyce Jin l No euseo l An On l Nam Jaehyeon l Kim Hongseong l Park Jekyung l Kim Soyoung l Cheongyoon l Baekhong l Song Hyunjoo l Yoo Jinah l Cho Hyeonsu l Cho Wonah l Aira Choi l Jeong Yeonyeon l Ji gwaja l Molly Kim l Yo Yoyojin

Exhibition Details:

2022.12.15 – 2022.12.29

Opening Reception:
2022.12.17 SAT


4F, 156 Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul,KR




Myung Studio always considers it a second creative activity with the artist, not a simple photocopying and serious consideration of 'what to convey to customers as an expert'.

I have grown through the accumulated experience of photographing art works. Myung Studio communicates with the artist and the world through photography, and aims to express the thoughts and feelings of the artist in the work beyond the meaning of simple reproduction.

Similarly, Collast is a gallery that continues to hold unique exhibitions with various concepts every month.

Selected Works