HWANG Hyeyoung's Solo Exhibition

2023.08.10 – 2023.08.22 

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The Exhibition


HWANG Hyeyoung's Solo Exhibition

Collast, hosting diverse and unique exhibitions each month, will be holding artist Hwang Hye-young's solo exhibition 'CLOUD GIRL' on August 9th. 


In this solo exhibition, artist Hwang Hye-young portrays the captivating image of an Puberty girl while not limiting her within the confines of gender and age but aiming to represent all generations and genders. The artist skillfully depicts the emotions and growth process of the girl with her characteristic detailed approach. 


As the title suggests, the main theme of this exhibition revolves around girls and clouds depicted in the artworks. To the artist, clouds are not just a simple medium but meaningful entities that preserve precious emotions and memories. Through these representations, she beautifully unfolds the inner growth and transformation of the puberty girl. Though appearing cute and lovely on the surface, the artworks convey a sense of empathy and inspiration to viewers as the girl faces new environments and changes, embracing her inner fears and confusion. 


Through this exhibition, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the world of puberty  girls, experiencing beautiful moments of self-discovery and growth while confronting new environments and changes. The artworks will evoke memories of our own puberty and the artist's girls will undoubtedly resonate with the emotions that are deeply ingrained in all of us. 


'Cloud Girl' solo exhibition harmoniously combines the artist's artistic expression and the girl's growth story. We hope it will be filled with your interest and love as you visit the gallery. We want to share warm and touching moments that we can feel together. We look forward to welcoming many of you, and we hope 'CLOUD GIRL' will bring you special moments and emotions. Thank you.

Opening Reception:

2023.06.17 SAT

Exhibition Details:

2023.06.14 – 2023.07.05


4F 156 Gwangnaru-ro Seongdong-gu, Seoul,KR



The Artist

HWANG Hyeyoung (b.1977-)

The reason I decided to draw a young girl as the main character was that

I could project myself into the girl's fragility, immaturity, and honesty.

The story drawn over a long period of time naturally created a moment of growth for

both the girl and myself. The variety of emotions expressed through the growing pains of puberty

in the forest, the courage to face small and big insecurities,

and the adventurous spirit to explore new challenges made me grow.

I hope that her whole journey of overcoming the puberty can be a comfort to everyone.

Selected Works