2021.08.06 - 2021.08.29

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VACANCE, go on a holiday!

[Bacchus] + [Vacance] = A compound word of Bacchus, now that you can't go anywhere even if you want to go because of COVID19! Now that you need to recharge your energy, Collast has noticed your heart!

Inspired by the energy drink Baccas, we planned an exhibition of VACANCE. Let's go on vacation this summer with Seongsu Collastro, a famous place of exhibitions.


08AM l Kang Deokhyun l Direnly l Rich J l Molly Kim l Benjamin l Moon  Seungyeon l Sung Byunghee l Yo Yoyojin l Yoon Seohee l Lee Kyunghyeon l Lee Kyunghoon l Jamsan l Jaemi kim l Ji gwaja l Charles Jang l Choi Jiin l Taewoo l Kim Mil

Exhibition Details:

2021.08.06 - 2021.08.29

Opening Reception:


4F, 156 Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul,KR



Selected Works