Artist NAM Jaehyun

2021.09.05 - 2021.09.26

Installation Views


DALGONA, SOLO Exhibition

In order to greet the moon on Chuseok, the brightest and roundest moon of the year, a solo exhibition by artist Nam Jae-hyeon, who draws on the theme of “moon,” was planned. Empty your thoughts and enjoy the rich moon picture.


#secret space of the moon

Listen to the delicate comfort of the moon under the warm moonlight. You will be the brightest you of the year.

Opening Reception:

Exhibition Details:

2021.09.05 - 2021.09.26


4F 156 Gwangnaru-ro Seongdong-gu, Seoul,KR



The Artist

Artist NAM Jaehyun

I am drawing based on oriental materials.

 Oriental paint and ink are used on paper called jangji. The materials are traditional, but the style and image of the painting are trying to be modern.


I want to resolve the psychological conflict I felt in reality through utopia nature. Until now, the moon has been recognized as a utopia-like place where we hope and desire, and I think this is the end point of happiness.


Many of my paintings feature airplanes.


Not only airplanes, but also means of transportation such as hot air balloons and cars appear, which serve as a bridge connecting me to the ideal world. It is to get away from reality for a while and leave for your own ideal space.

I want you to feel like taking a break as if you were taking a short trip on a plane heading to the moon.

Selected Works