LEE Jaeyual

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" Sansoomong shows a world we haven't seen yet.  "

LEE JAE YUAL (b.1974-, Seoul)



even in real life,

there are times when we encounter imaginary landscapes.

When you look at foggy mountains or foggy swamps after rain,

it's like they are completely different from ordinary world.

When I see that world, I get a wonderful feeling.

It seems immortal beings are living inside.

Sansoomong shows a world we haven't seen yet.

Mountains fly, clouds stay,

and guardian spirits of all things in the world live here and there.

Waterfalls pouring down from the sky and trees dancing,

it's really pleasing to be able to dream of such a world.

In that world, everyone is free and equal.

In it, humans born, disappear, and become a part of nature.

Sansoomong is a place where you can dream and imagine freely.

The work process was produced in a mixed technique. The intention of the production is to create a unique genre using two or more techniques. By using mixed images such as oriental and pop, images that have never been seen before are displayed on the screen. As a result, it was possible to have a visual pleasure and enjoy it calmly at the same time.


In the past, I have done many works with the meaning of praising nature and raising awareness about the destruction of nature.  Now, I'm just painting nature as it is, as if contemplating it.

In a large sense, there is a belief that the greatness of nature is because there is something that we cannot do anything about. It may also be because the process of nature being damaged and redeveloped is recognized as a way of living together with nature.

Installation View