NAM Jaehyun

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" Time to get away from reality and meet the utopia, the life I want  "

NAM JAE HYUN (b.1981, Seoul)


Nam Jae-hyun graduated from Oriental painting of Seoul National University. He reinterprets oriental paintings in a modern way using the moon as a material. 

The moon, a symbol of hope and desire, heals the lives of modern people who are soaked in desire. He is invited by corporate galleries as he gains public popularity with his comfortable works provided by nature.

He has held 14 solo exhibitions and is actively participating in large domestic artfairs such as Formative Art Seoul, Art Busan, Busan International Gallery Art Fair, and Urban Break.

I am drawing based on oriental materials.

Oriental paint and ink are used on paper called jangji. The materials are traditional, but the style and image of the painting are trying to be modern.


I want to resolve the psychological conflict I felt in reality through utopia nature. Until now, the moon has been recognized as a utopia-like place where we hope and desire, and I think this is the end point of happiness.


Many of my paintings feature airplanes.

Not only airplanes, but also means of transportation such as hot air balloons and cars appear, which serve as a bridge connecting me to the ideal world. It is to get away from reality for a while and leave for your own ideal space.

I want you to feel like taking a break as if you were taking a short trip on a plane heading to the moon.

We give a lot of meaning to nature, look at it, and act to wish for what we want. Among the things that represent nature, the moon will be included. On Chuseok, one of the national holidays in Korea, people make wishes while watching the full moon.

The full moon doesn't mean much here. However, people's hopes and wishes enter and people recognize it as the same place as the utopia they want.


In the painting, the moon is recognized as a space where people can have and deliver what they want. Therefore, it can be a place like Utopia. I express my own utopia through the moon and other natural objects. 

Installation View