LEE Boyoon

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Even the moment you look at the painting,
Even if the moment is fleeting,

May the tranquility come that all earnest happiness is completely mine.


LEE BO YOON (b.19--, Seoul)


Life is full of innumerable things that are neither clear nor precise.

It is a process of trying to understand and accept

I came to know by drawing tens of thousands of 'houses'.

A few words cannot accurately explain why I keep painting houses.

Half of my life is family, half is painting.

I accept that I had no choice but to draw the 'house' that belongs to my life naturally.

The family that surrounds the individual, the landscape, and the heart rising in the midst of it

Creating each life, we are living with countless 'lives'.

There is something in common that countless lives want.


A little less dry laundry, 

flower pots scattered everywhere, 

The clutter in the envelope that hasn't been thrown away yet, 

Silent clouds in the afternoon. 

The same road we pass every day. familiar landscape.


I like those images that are so trivial that even when our eyes meet, I don't think about anything.

Serenity is not boring and frivolous. It's not that trivial things are worthless and commonplace.

That calm and small warmth enables us to continue our lives.

‘Home’ is a warm sanctuary that always embraces us like a mother who maintains trivial happiness.

Even if you don't live in a large apartment,

Even if you don't live in a picturesque house with a yard,

You can put your work away and calm your body and mind,

A place where my heart can rest.

If you walk comfortably, the familiar scenery you arrive at is a real rest, a real life.


A house I drew with excitement,

A house I drew because it was so precious to me.

Each house I have drawn is a place of rest and sanctuary for the mind.

I hope to meet a peaceful place where I can rest warmly in my paintings.

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