LEE Kyunghoon

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" Draw the emotions of memories that disappear. "

LEE Kyunghoon (b.1984-, Seoul)


I don't know since when, but I feel that more and more emotions are passing by in my daily life.

Unlike when I first started, I find that the situations around me

are facing me with unfamiliar and awkward expressions one day.

As these situations often overlap, I think that something is disappearing from within me one by one.

Every time I have these empty thoughts,

I fall into the heartbreaking moments or memories that thrilled me for a while.

Imagining those feelings at that time, I came to the idea

that I wanted to record them as a certain moment or scene.

Rather than a realistic record, I wanted to portray the thoughts and feelings of the present

as if they were talking to each other on one screen, and I wanted to express them in a warm scene

as if the me at the time and the me at the present comforted and reconciled with each other.


Installation View