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            I N A E

Depending on how time flows,

Memories don't really stay the same.

Faded, adapted, and reproduced on canvas,

It remains in the present as the most beautiful moment.


I N A E (b.1984, Seoul)


Worship, Memory, and Eyes

All human beings live by their desires and ideals.

From eating when you're hungry to living while feeling and remembering beautiful moments. The direction of desire was sometimes expressed internally and sometimes externally according to each individual's senses, becoming the basis of art and becoming a driving force to show off one's ego and create greater desire.

Human greed becomes the driving force of satisfaction and happiness of the senses, and sometimes causes anxiety in the collision of various inner desires, or rather, becomes the starting point of social isolation that confines oneself. Nevertheless, human beings are weak beings who cannot live alone in the end, and at the same time as altruistic beings who create social benefits based on private feelings and desires, both inherently exist at the same time.

A static object of recognition is transformed into a subjective image, and the dynamic flow is caught up as if by a net and fixed as a work of art. The main medium of this is memory, love, longing, memory, and life, implying the richness and warmth of various emotions.

MEMORY series


A story about a painter's memory,

It is adapted and reproduced on canvas, not according to the passage of time.

It conveys the meaning that the most beautiful moment will remain in the present.

When the seasons change, I used to go to the sea with my parents.

The sun rising over the sea catches the eye and seems to make us stare blankly for a while.

There is stillness, deafness, and warmth that make you feel as if you are alone in the world.

The sunrise drawn with the memory series contains the beauty of the moment.

WORSHIP series


The worship series contains the hope that we can overcome even in the midst of difficulties and hardships that come suddenly. So, 'worship' is at the center of her work and is a 'confession of faith' that scourges the lack of faith and the artist herself.

The inner confession that is naturally released exists as a formative element accumulated on canvas. Like this, the calmness of the golden light, which is piled up step by step and hoping for light, conveys memories of life and calm comfort to the viewer.

EYES series

It contains two stories about the way the artist looks at the world and the way the world looks at her.

Points, lines, and planes formed by the overlapping of countless paints accumulated over a long period of time are the main components of the work. Behind the work done in this way, the life he saw and the pain of life are permeated.

Installation View