Nude'Skin [腠]

MollyKim  l  JUNG Jieun  l  HAN Jimin  l  SUNG Byunghee  l  Gwaja.J
2022.09.23 – 2022.10.07 

Installation Views


SKIN[腠] : Nude'Skin exhibition 

Collast's autumn exhibition <Skin> is open.

In the changing seasons, we planned an exhibition to take a break while feeling the relaxation of autumn on our skin in our daily lives.

<Skin> exhibition consists of works containing the individuality of five artists. I hope it will be an exhibition where you can appreciate what kind of beauty and stories are expressed in the characters and human bodies in the paintings.


MollyKim    JUNG Jieun    HAN Jimin   SUNG Byunghee    Gwaja.J

Exhibition Details:

2022.07.21 – 2022.07.24

Opening Reception:


4F, 156 Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul,KR



Selected Works