The Calm garden of Seongsu

Group Exhibition

2023.05.19 – 2023.06.02

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Group Exhibition

The Calm Garden of Seongsu

In the fairy tale "The Giving Tree," a boy and a tree who love each other appear. As time passes, the time they spend together decreases, and the boy demands more from the tree, but the tree is happy with just being able to give something to the boy. Many people were deeply moved by the story of the tree that gives everything unconditionally.

This seems to be the same for us living in reality. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as outdoor activities decreased, many people spent more time at home growing plants, and through the unique sense of stability that plants provide, they received emotional comfort and stability for their lonely and tired minds.

Plants that reduce depression and provide emotional stability are now recognized as not just simple objects, but as friends or companions that give comfort through emotional communication, and the term "pet plants" has even emerged.

In Collast's May exhibition "Seongsu Silent Arboretum," artworks by 13 artists on the theme of "plants" will be exhibited. Through the artworks, you can not only see the artists' thoughts on nature and plants, but also concepts such as our relationship with nature and life.


LEE Sangheon ㅣ ANN Heejin ㅣ GUK Hyoungwoon ㅣ YANG Siyoung ㅣ JUN Yejin ㅣ im sanghun ㅣ son jungkee

YOO Suzy ㅣ SHIM Bongmin ㅣ HWANG Hyeyoung ㅣ KIM Yeji ㅣ HAN Junho ㅣ LEE Jaeyual

Exhibition Details:

2023.05.19 – 2023.06.02

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4F, 156 Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul,KR



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